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Vete mal (go away evil)

Vete mal (go away evil)

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This is a 9gram powder incense. made with a VERY old blend of herbs oils and minerals this is an extremely powerful polvo de incienso that is used for extremely tough negative energies, evil energies etc. make sure you open your door or window for it (negative/evil) to leave.

This should not be a regular every day incense. This is a blend of over 13 different herbs,oils and minerals. Strong enough to get rid of the toughest energies.

This is burned on a coal. Burn this to dispel evil, negative energy. This will get rid of any evil energy in your space.

A small amount will make a lot of smoke. This is very flammable. If you light a pile of this you MUST use a long match or lighter made for candles that has a long neck. But best results come from burning on a coal. It will spark and pop and crackle even catch flame. USE FIRE SAFE ITEMS

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