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Santa muerte revenge powder

Santa muerte revenge powder

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This is traditional Santa muerte revenge powder. Can put sprinkled or add to or on candles. 13gram bag, this is made with several herbs and oils not just a few, you cant find this blend in a book or on the internet. this blend will protect things like yourself, your workings, even sprinkled on your property it will prevent theft, and if they do happen to take from your property they will get the revenge that is deserved. use in workings you could even sprinkle this in some ones yard, a nasty co workers office or work space, somewhere where your enemy/target will cross over it even in the parking loy or inside of a nasty business that has done you wrong the possibilities are endless. If you’d like more directions on how you can personally use it for your situation plz schedule a consultation

some of the herbs that this is made with are expensive by themselves but they're needed to ensure this traditional blend does its job. i pay over $28 for 1.76 ounces and thats just 1 ingredient but its well worth it for the job this does

All orders are processed in the order that they come in, I cannot bump anyone’s order ahead of other clients as that is not fair. The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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