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Protection bolsita

Protection bolsita

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UPDATE:a small protective crystal has been added now.

This is made to be put literally anywhere you’re urged to put it. Let spirit guide you. these are made with herbs, oils, and sprays that are strong protection. I also add Abre comino herbs to remove blockages.
You can put these under your bed to protect you while you sleep, in your car to protect you while you drive and to protect you from burglary. Put it in the glove box. I personally put them under every bed in my home. You can bury one at the front door of your home and one at the back door of your home for protection. Keep one at work. In the spouses lunch box. In your purse. Keep one in every room of the home. Put one in your safe with all your important stuff put one on your altar.
It’s also recommended in our family that you put one above the door of the nursery to protect the baby and the room. Put one in the diaper bag or even on the car seat. So many uses. It contains aloe Vera, various salts, and clove just to name a few herbs used. Tied up tight to keep it together so you can get the full benefits of the blend.

All orders are processed in the order that they come in, I cannot bump anyone’s order ahead of other clients as that is not fair. The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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