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Phoenix healing herbal bath 3 day ritual

Phoenix healing herbal bath 3 day ritual

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This is a package. This is a three day ritual bath. The package contains three bags of healing herbal blend, one package containing three fixed tea light candles, one for each day of the ritual, three bags that contain one charcoal desk and traditional healing copilot resin to be burned as incense, one glass vile of healing oil that you will divide into three parts one for each day of the ritual, one plastic dropper to help you divide the oil and one instruction sheet with full instructions for bath as well as shower.

This is the blend that has been in my family for generations and I recently used it to save my life.

This is a powerful cleansing. It can heal you, get rid of mal de ojo, hexing/curses or any kind of negativity that has. Even sent to you. It will clear any kind of workings people have done on you. It is extraordinarily powerful and I’m honored to have the ok from my elders to be able to share it with you.

This is done over the course of 3 days.

This ships in a medium flat rate box, and remember my shop has free shipping for orders over $35!

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