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Magical rollerball pheromones

Magical rollerball pheromones

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The are made with iv protective glass a stainless steel rollerballs. They are all protective and magical. Made with pheromones that will attract anyone.

Big Daddy. this is a more masculine scent that give protection as well as draws in people to favor you! made with pheromones and obsidian as well as citrine to draw in money !

Sexy jolly rancher- this is a candy Sweet fragrance yet not overwhelming, draws in love and is protective as well. Sweet yet still classy and not childish. Infused with black obsidian and rose quartz crystals. Made with pheromones to attract male or female

Sugar baby fresh- this is a crisp fresh sent that will draw in the money and people. it is also protective. Infused with citrine and black obsidian crystals. Made with pheromones to attract male or female

Sweet Lovebug - this sent is a deep sweet sexy fragrance that removes blockages and is calming as well as cleansing and protecting. Come to me is also another benefit of this rollerball. Infused with black obsidian and amethyst crystals

All roller balls once empty can be taken apart and the crystals can be removed so that you can keep them.

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