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Emergency tarot reading. I need your email

Emergency tarot reading. I need your email

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include EMAIL so i can schedule you and PHONE NUMBER FOR REMINDERS  


Emergency slot Tarot. You may choose from any reading you’d like (excluding the passed loved ones) Only different thing is the 3 question pull. When it is an emergency I DO NOT LIMIT WITH you to only three questions, you can ask several I just ask that you send them one at a time and not all together.

I ask that PRIOR to purchase you read the item description. The item description is on the original listing for TAROT READINGS. It is also copy pasted here It has all of the very important information and tells you ever you NEED to know. It is the info under the double lines.

This listing will get you a reading same day, if it’s a day and the slot is available or within the week (these are limited, when slots are taken I of course have to push it out a little further which is why it can sometimes be a week out) or whatever your schedule permits. I basically open a time apt specifically for you. Emergency appointments are on Saturdays I try to take that day off. But I will open up a slot for emergency appointments. There are no weekday appointments as I do have other obligations and the timeslots for readings are booked out 1 to 3+ months. The only time I may have a weekday appointment is if someone moves their appointment.

I need minimum 48hrs from the day of your reading. I can definitely r/s you without needing to pay a r/s fee. These are very sought after spots and if I have the 48 hrs notice I can always fill it. There are no exceptions to this policy.

please msg me to see whats available before purchase so we know it works for your needs
If you do purchase an emergency slot please message me here so that I know and can get to you sooner. Do not put it in the notes of the order as I will not see it until I come to that order.

I do need a response confirming or denying date within 24 hrs prior to the date I’ve given you so if it doesn’t work I can give it to the next up. These are highly sought after bc I do stay pretty booked up. If it’s a same day slot I need an immediate response plz. I appreciate your respect for my schedule. And I promise I definitely respect you and your schedule  

If you choose the reading that’s direct questions, you may do as many as we can fit in. I ask you give me the questions one at a time, not a list of questions that way there’s no confusion

. You may choose any reading I offer with the exclusion of the passed loved ones. (If you do need that reading please let me know so I can activate the listing for you. They are extraordinarily draining a lot of times they don’t want to leave bc they can finally say what they want to their loved ones. And it’s very emotional)


The following is copy paste the info from the standard readings. It is a must be read.

Hello. Please read this l, as pretty much everything I’m ever asked I address here. Once folks read this they 99.999% of the time have zero questions or issues. I know it’s long but I Tysm and wish you many Blessings and Saftey!

*******IMPORTANT********I need 48 hours from the day of your appointment to reschedule you. I do not do refunds on canceled apts but I will hold it for you for up to 30 days. No exceptions to this shop policy.

Most people wait 1 to 2+months for a reading with me, if this may present an issue there are emergency readings available on a separate listing and you may also contact my shop via “contact shop“ to inquire approximate next availability.

April 2022 update, I am booked up till the end of may beginning of June atm. I do have a few emergency apts available every week. ❤️❤️❤️ those are a separate listing named emergency tarot readings. I still asked that this item description is read even if you choose an emergency slot.

Ok so usually I am booked about 4 weeks out sometimes a bit more, for regular readings. during the holiday season I am usually booked out 1 to 3 months, I do offer emergency readings (these) that allow me to get you in within the week, you will need to send me a message so that I can send you the link for that if that is what you want. I have tried to revamped my hours to try to alleviate that time. Please take note that I take Sundays off. Well...I’m supposed to lol, I still end up working but I try to take Sundays off. Usually doesn’t end up working that way but the intent is that I’m off on Sundays.

At your appointment time I ask that you send your picture and then in a separate message immediately after send your order number. The reason for this is just in case your picture doesn’t go through, the text message will come through and I will be notified. If you do not receive an immediate response back please message me here on Etsy because that indicates that your number is not allowing messages to go through, I receive thousands of messages and pictures on my tarot reading phone number. And 99% of the time I never have any kind of issues unless you are out of the nation, which is understandable and because I do worldwide services I do take that into account and will use Etsy messages as a back up to do the reading.

You are purchasing my time, in this time I do multiple things like, clear my energy, focus, connect with spirit, conversation exchange happens, i interpret tarot cards etc. ITS A WHOLE PROCESS THAT I GO THROUGH, I PHYSICALLY FEEL THIS. I enjoy, no! I LOVE WHAT I DO but it can be draining.

I reserve the right to refuse service, if services are refused I will most definitely refund.

readings can take UP TO 45 mins. IF YOU’RE 10 MINS LATE YOU WILL HAVE TO R/S AS I WONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO PROPERLY CONNECT. And I do NOT give partial readings. (There is a fee) 

THERE IS A FEE TO R/S A MISSED APT. YOU HAVE 24 HRS TO UTILIZE THE LESSER FEE TO GET BACK ON THE SCHEDULE. (You have to r/s within 24 hrs to do is for the fee price, after that it will be regular price. Also please talk to me  im not beyond reason m.

Once you purchase I will reach out through your order, this sometimes takes up to 72-96 hrs but usually its within 24-36hrs , I will provide you a Date and time and I will mark the date off. this is your date unless you tell me it wont work. i wont give it to anyone else, no worries.

YOU WILL TEXT IN AT YOUR APT TIME (via the phone number that you receive in the reminder on the day of your appointment ). PLEASE TEXT YOUR PICTURE —>AT YOUR APT TIME<— not earlier. I won’t see it.

—> THE REMINDER CONTAINING MY # WILL COME THE DAY OF YOUR APOINTMENT<— Please DO NOT text prior to your apt. it creates confusion and distraction for me while trying to check in clients for their apt times. And is disturbing when it happens during clients time. Your reminder come aprox an hour before your appt. You may receive more than one as well

I do have clients that are out of the country or clients that don’t get their number to me and that’s ok, when that happens reminders will come here from Etsy, I will message on the day of the appointment and provide the phone number.

bc there is a delay here on etsy, I use an app, but if you can’t text in it’s ok we can do it through Etsy.

I do a lot of business so the app gets all calls, texts and notifications etc. , no ones numbers are saved and i do not have employees, I am 100% dependent on the schedule, my whole life revolves around this schedule, even my family time and meals are planned around this schedule. I MUST do packaging, scheduling, social media, work, trabajos, spell work etc. in between clients and in between other scheduled events, i simply cant chase clients for their apts. which is why I send you the reminder. It’s bc I have an app that does sends you the reminder via text. I promise that if i had employees, or the time I would, but I simply can’t. I work until I receive the text from my clients number. I do not check etsy msgs while readings are going on. I will check etsy if your time has came and I do not hear from you. I can not send a reminder if the time has already started the system will not send the text out. If you have a number update I need that at least 24 hrs before the day of your apt.

its important to remember that there is a time difference, I’m in Texas, please google or ask Alexa what our time difference is so you don’t miss your apt.

Please DO NOT send anything to the number in the reminder prior to your apt, I wont see it, ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ADDRESSED HERE ON ETSY as this is where all of your information is.

Please do not use the number to text questions i understand people want me to help and i want to but there’s just not enough of me. , if you need help with your order message through the order itself, if you’re needing guidance and direction please schedule a consult or reading so i can get you in the book. if you want to “see what i think” or “run it by me” please schedule with me. I stay REALLY busy and can only do what’s on my schedule. once your reading or consultation is done, you no longer have a need for the number. when unscheduled ppl text it just adds to the confusion.

**** The only reading where you can ask very specific questions is the three card three question session. All other readings you may ask questions that pertain to clarification on the information that is provided in the layout, once all cards are laid out. **** you will send pic of yourself for the one person readings and you and the other person for the two person readings. For the 3 question reads you will send pic of the person you are asking about

*General reading-this reading is laid in a past present future layout, it gives you a little bit of everything, does not focus on one thing specifically. This reading does not go in depth because there is so much various information that comes through, as I said it is very literally a little bit of everything. Spirit will provide me with the information that they want you to know in this moment.

**Two person \ love- this reading is laid out for two people, and this focuses on love only between those two people, it does give you information on yourself and the other person. You do not have to be a couple, this can be a friend an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, and ex-husband or wife, it can definitely be couples, it can even be your enemy. This is more in depth, because I am focusing only on one aspect. Spirit will provide you with what they want you to know in this moment. I will need a picture of you and the other person, it can be together or separate

** two person in general reading- this reading allows me to pull information for two separate people. This focuses on general information. I can also focus specifically on one of the categories. I. E. Career/finance, health, etc. I will need a picture of you and the other person it can be together or separate

🧿The two person readings allow me to separate the energy, so for instance if you are wanting information on someone else, even without them knowing, we can do that as long as I am able to separate your information from their‘s. And that is exactly what the two person readings allow me to do. I will need a picture of you and the other person it can be together or separate

*Spiritual-I block everything else out and focus on spiritual. this helps clarify things that may be a bit confusing on your path, i do not connect with passed loved ones I’m sorry my loves. i will work on it but they tend to try to stick around, i think bc I’m also an empath and they use it to their advantage lol so until i learn to control that i steer clear of it

I just need your picture. As long as your face is in it it’s fine. And the two person readings I need yours and theirs. That’s all nothing else. No names or b days etc.

*Work career and finances-I focus only on work career and finances, I block everything else out.

*Health- I focus on health and block everything else out.

*Relationship/love- this is a one person reading, i lay past present future and pull from there. I focus only on the relationship and love energies and I block everything else out.

* 3 question session- ask any three questions that you would like the answer to. this for questions about you, This allows you to ask very specific questions. These are 3 card pulls you can also ask me questions about others at first I didn’t but …why not <3

* Santa muerte reading : in this reading I will focus specifically on the relationship between you and Santisima. This is a special reading IMO. I will first lay small portions of the past current and then future, I will go over the past and verify if I’m connected properly to you then I will start on the current and you may ask questions that I will look for for you.

• passed loved ones- this reading I will connect to your deceased love ones. Pretty much I will tell you what I see and you can ask whatever questions you would like (not available for emergency readings) (NOT FOR EMERGENCIES)

i am working to accommodate everyone’s various needs when it comes to readings. as i figure out ways to provide different types of readings i will add them to my shop. some readings require more energy than others.

I do not do three person readings. I cut it off at two person to cut down on any confusion and ensure I get the most Info i can. I recommend the questions option to get that info

These require various types of things from me and are priced differently. Please make sure you pick the read you want, they are priced differently , some are on sale.

•How the read works. I will pull a bit of information (usually from the past, recent past) and I will tell you what I see, I’m not going to ask you anything except at the end I will ask you if I’m on the right path or not, and you only have to say yes or no, this allows me to know that I am properly connected to your energy and then once you verify this for me we can proceed. I won’t be able to proceed until this information is verified. Usually I pull a little bit from the past that way you can be sure that the information I’m giving you is correct, and I can be sure that I am connected properly. sometimes I pull a little past and some Current, just whatever spirit shows me to let YOU know I’m on point. then we proceed.

All readings are done via text msg. That way you get to keep the entire reading to reference back to and I have proof of services rendered. All I need is a picture of the people I am to read, you will send it AT THE TIME OF YOUR APT, if its even one minute early, it will get lost, i use an app and i cant step away from another client to grab an early message, i apologize. I wouldn’t do it to any client, client time is important.
These readings can take up to 45 mins . I will contact you through Etsy to get you on my schedule. I stay at least 4 weeksbooked out sometimes (a lot of times ) more but I do get r/s sometimes and I make those available ASAP.

You are purchasing my time, I can not give refunds for missed appointments as my time isn’t refunded to me, However if I have 48hr. notice from the day (not the time) of your apt for cancellations I will move your apt. (No refunds) If you do not respond to the first date I give you and the date passes there is a fee if you want to be r/s. The reason is bc I mark that date off and it remains blocked until you take it or deny it, so if the date that I was saving for you passes that means I didn’t even get the opportunity to fill it bc of lack of communication and that is why there is a fee. Ty for being understanding and respectful of my time and gift. I appreciate you more than words can say.
Please DO NOT be late. Your appointment starts at the time we agreed upon. I will provide you with my cell phone number after purchase, for safety purposes and to cut confusion, it comes The day of your appointment. my number comes in a text reminder multiple times on the day of your apt, once during input then again about an hour prior to the actual apt. And one when it starts. (please take into account any time differences, i am in Texas, and i schedule on central standard time. i believe the reminders go out in CST as well.)


—> YOU WILL TEXT IN TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. You will receive a text from the reminder system with my number. As much as I love my clients, I simply can’t keep up with tracking clients down to make their appointments, only bc I stay EXTREMELY busy (I stay booked on the hour ). Thank you so much for your cooperation, understanding, timeliness and support. Love&Blessings

* beginning December 1 👉🏽there will be a $ fee to reschedule missed appointments. YOU MUST CHECK IN AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME, NOT BEFORE. IT GETS LOST. THIS IS A APP I USE AS A BUSINESS LINE AND GETS A LOT OF INTERACTION, i get email, login, app info, tons of adds, other social media notifications from multiple sites and the list goes on . This is why I tell you “on the day of your appointment, that AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME YOU WILL CHECK IN BY TEXTING YOUR PIC TO ME” check in on time please my loves, I NEED TO RECIEVE YOUR PICTURE BEFORE 10 MINS HAS PASSED IN ORDER TO HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO COMPETE THE READING.. After 10 mins you will have the option to reschedule at fee price if you want. You have 24hrs to r/s for the fee price, I cant r/s you if more than 24 has passed, you will need to make a new purchase. Thank
You for understanding. And I truly appreciate you choosing me to do your reading.

Plz send in your number so you can be set up to receive a reminder prior to your appointment. Plz do not send messages prior to your appointment, I won’t get them. It gets grouped with spam/junk if I’m not actively looking for your # to text in. Once I close the message it’s gone, only retrievable if I search through thousands of emails, that’s why if you send your pics or msgs prior to the apt I’m unaware and will ask for them to be sent. Also if I’m with a client I definitely won’t see it as I do not allow interruptions while reading. Not even from my own family. That time is the your/clients time. I would not step away from your appointment to address anyone else and I will not step away from anyone else’s appointment to address someone else’s messages. It’s only fair to the scheduled person. I highly value peoples schedules.

Plz remember I’m in Texas and all
Scheduling is done in CST.

I do no read children because their energy tends to be everywhere.

If I do have a cancellation or a availability that pops up, I am make those available by posting a tiktok. I do not have a cancellation list, there are too many people and everyone has various days and times that they are available, and sometimes whenever I do reach out unfortunately people don’t get back to me in time, I stay too busy to keep up with a cancellation list so the easiest way for me to make the spot known is to post about them.

Please note that when leaving a message, it is quicker if you only send one message, every time you send an additional message it bumps you to the end as if it was a new message, it puts everyone in order.


All inquires MUST come through Etsy. Please do not msg the reminder system. All correspondence must go through Etsy with exception of the reading and consults that are done via text.

All purchases are non refundable. I have had issues with ppl who purchase just to ask for refund and then make bad reviews simply bc I wouldn’t push them ahead of others bc it’s not fair. All ppl are scheduled in order. I will move your spot without fee as long as I have 24 hrs notice but I can not refund as it becomes a liability to my shop and name. I know it’s in the description above and in the pic for the readings but I wanted to clarify as to why. I am not sure why this platform allows ppl to make reviews on things they’ve never received even after a refund but it adversely affects my shop and I can not allow that which is why I ask everyone to read this description in full prior to purchase. I always want to be transparent with everyone.

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