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Various jar packages INCLUDES EVERYTHING

Various jar packages INCLUDES EVERYTHING

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A couple of pics of one of our darker jar packages. Everything you need is in this package. From candles to herbs and oils. Even the jar has been prepared. Everything is ready for you to put this together with your specific intent. These packages have multiple blends of oils that have been blended specifically for your needs  you can even msg me and give me the details that way while I’m crafting your oils and other products I can bet that much more detailed and out the energy into it for you so you have that extra energy from me, all of my clients have always had left over herbs bc of how much is included in the individual packs that are in the packages, the polvos are blends that have been in my family of brujas for generations and they are made by hand in the molcajete by me. Everything is done by hand, from bracelets to candles, oils, polvos and sprays are all handmade by me, it may take a little longer but the quality is unmatched, you won’t have to use a quarter of the bottle of oil in your candle or on your working, you can literally use a PINCH or sprinkle of my polvos bc they’re THAT potent, I grow my herbs and what I can’t grow I source from respectable and safe sources who privately grow, so iM blessed to have the access. 🙏🏼

I use high quality, sometimes hard to find, even rare plants, woods, resins, various minerals, fruits, etc to create products that will get the job done. And yes sometimes, for some clients/workings I will use various types of organic matter including but not limited too animals, insects, arachnids and so on (clients will always be made aware ) nothing is really off limits for me, I have aprox 35 years of experience, meaning I sacrificed and missed out on normal stuff so that I could be guided to use my gifts the proper way, my “don” is the gift of service, when I was younger I didn’t understand, I thought it meant I would always be a server like a waitress or like a maid, now I’m older and I understand what a gift of service actually is and iM so blessed, honored and eager to share that with those who need and seek the help. (Off topic sorry I’m just passionate, especially about these packages bc these are each a little part of me that goes out, I work really hard on each one individually,  they last a long time and more importantly THEY WORK. Like all my products, I use these my self, and if I’m not currently using it I have and there’s a high probability I’m using something for a clients trabajo, if I haven’t or don’t use it I won’t sell it, if it hasn’t worked for me and others then I won’t sell it  it’s not about money it’s about getting the job done the client requests. So SO MUCH goes into these packages, they include instructions, protection for yourself and the working and so much more, if you have any questions please feel free to ask via email 

These can be made for many many things. Love, prosperity, Health, protection, prosperity and abundance for your business, protection and growth for you marriage, the list goes on!!!

Shipping is flat rate parcel for packages. Medium box

*curio item. Results not guaranteed.

All orders are processed in the order that they come in, I cannot bump anyone’s order ahead of other clients as that is not fair. The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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