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brujas corner



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Customizable to fit your needs. These bring good energy to you. For love, finances, protection, healing, the list goes on.

These are made with dried herbs. And come with a candle inside for you to burn once you feel the crown has done it’s job and is time to be replaced. Depending on what you have going on the times to replace vary. The clear top comes off and if you wanted to you could change the herbs out on your own. The herbs I used are blessed and sprayed with sprays to aid in the variations I have available.

*curio item. Results not guaranteed.

All orders are processed in the order that they come in, I cannot bump anyone’s order ahead of other clients as that is not fair. The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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