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Consecration oil

Consecration oil

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This is traditional consecration oil. Made with 33 herbs in addition to SEVERAL essential oils and several carrier oils. this oil is used to concecrate altars, shrines, spiritual medallions, amulets altars, statues & anything that needs to be consecrated. If youre wanting direction for your specific situation please schedule a consultation

Rg bottle is just shy of 1 fl oz at 20 ml -glass with twist lid no dropper
Lg bottle is 2 fl oz at 59 ml- glass bottle with dropper
sample size 0.2 ml- plastic dram flip top leak proof
The regular size is pictured on the various oils listing
The large size is pictured with the 2 ounce bottles listing
I have included a picture of the sample sizes on this listing.

✨Consecration is declaring, giving to specifically, devoting something to a specific diety, gods, goddesses etc. it ensures that no other energy or entity inhabits the item or space being consecrated. Devote something specifically to a particular purpose. It ensures your spiritual Saftey.

This recipe has been handed down for generations and is kept secret but I have been given the ok to provide it to others. I have waited until I had all ingredients needed to make it and bc I have been asked about consecration so many time I felt the time to be right to release this product to the public. It is VERY STRONG.

This is highly protective as well.

There is one available that is for all and one specifically for Santa muerte

If you need more help, or if you need to know the steps of consecration please schedule a consultation as it is quite a few steps when doing consecration and will take up to half an hour for me to explain fully

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