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Candle work

Candle work

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I will fix the candles with the appropriate herbs and oils and then I do the candle work of your choice.

I will only need your picture to do the candleworkings. I will reach out to you through your order to obtain this

If it is legal/court candlework then you can provide a court document whether it is a pic of the docket or a ticket etc. and I will work it to go in your favor.

If you are unsure what kind of candlework your situation needs, you will need to get a consultation that way you can let me know in detail what is going on, I can make the inquiries that I need to make in order to know exactly what kind of candlework I need to direct you to purchase.

Some of the things that you can use the Custom listing for include

Contact me, This is where you want someone to reach out to you, this is for communication I.E. if you want someone to call you if you want someone to message you things like that

Seeking shelter, new home new apartment things like that

Pretty much anything that is not listed already or if you have something very specific, if you’re unsure just message me and I will respond

Plz do not send me paragraphs with the details asking what candlework you’ll need as I will only be able to direct you to a consult

This is done off my personal altar that I work from, the candle will be prayed over and tended to for the entire 3days.

* I will not provide pictures of the workings while going bc it is on MY PERSONAL altar.

I can provide pics of the candle glass once it’s done so you can see how it looks if you ask but plz remember it’s just me and I have a very full plate of work and life. It’s hard to remember to send pics out bc I stay EXTREMELY busy.

I work on these in the order they come in us usually done within a few days of order

You will not get a candle bc as I said it’s done here on my altar

one candle is for one person. i will not do multiple people (multiple energies) on one working.
Nothing is shipped out as I am
Doing the work here in my altar room. Curio item

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