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Black salt 3oz

Black salt 3oz

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This is a very powerful black salt. Blended with a recipe handed down for generations. This isn’t made with table salt, ashes and food coloring. This is made with actual ingredients that were sourced and prepared with the same rituals that my ancestors have been using. The blends used are highly guarded as to maintain the integrity of our recipes but this will even get rid of evil energies and people who have bad spirit will not want to pass. They’ll feel ill. made with ingredients that are powerful enough to get rid of the most negative energies or entities.
This can be sprinkled under your bed or children’s bed to prevent bad dreams, sprinkle this anywhere you need to protect and get rid of nasty energy .

The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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