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banos-dehydrated fully prepared

banos-dehydrated fully prepared

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Milk bano-This is a cleansing bath of milk and herbal blend with honey as well as a road opener blend. Remove negativity and blockages.

Coconut cream/milk bano- this bath is great for cleansing. Cleanse away negativity, evil energy, things that make you physically ill, All while bringing in positivity. The herbal blend this contains will bring positive energy to various areas of your life. This is also extremely moisturizing.

These products are dehydrated by me, and ground down to created the banos. These are the same that you would get from visiting a healer, just dehydrated to ensure quality and stability. Not just shelf stable but shipping stable. Closest thing you’ll be able to get to me coming to your home and fixing the bano for you. They’re amazing and I use them myself as well as on family and ppl I help.

4+ oz size bag.(1) Curio item.

Just pour in bath and enjoy the cleanse that will also remove the blockages you may have!

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