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Banõ blanco spiritual cleansing bath

Banõ blanco spiritual cleansing bath

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I’m sure you have seen the baths commonly knows as white baths. They’re very commonly seen as a white liquid and have fresh herbs and flowers in them colognes. Made with goats milt coconut cream milk also. I have taken all of that. Dehydrated it and broke it down to make it shelf stable. All you need to do is all this to your basin and get the spiritual cleansing you want or need. The white candle will either be a spell candle or tea light and it will come fixed for you to burn while you do your cleansing.

You will light your candle, empty the banõ and the cologne mixture in the water and then do your cleanse . Do your prayers while pouring the water from the top of the head down to the bottom of the feet. Curio item

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