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6in santa muerte bundle la Roja

6in santa muerte bundle la Roja

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Red Santa muerte candle - made for workings where emotions are high, where her fiery energy is needed. Can be used for more than love. Return to sender, love, protection of love and relationships, protection of family, as an offering to la Roja, to remove jealousy or envy, protection from evil negative energy or mal de ojo.

Polvo - drawing in money, love workings, protection, removal of any negativity, to bring happiness, bring in friendship, attract love, healing Purple cologne- promoting love, protection, remove negativity and svil energy, push enemies away, control over someone or situations

Black oil- 24k gold offering, protection, money drawing, removal of evil, removal of trabajos/hexs/curses/jealousty/envy/ojo, return to sender

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