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5 in 1 spiritually protective salt

5 in 1 spiritually protective salt

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This salt is made for protection, it is blended with herbs and handmade oil blends that creates a beautifully blended and very powerful salt to help you in many ways. 4 oz

Not only is this made for protection but it will also bring you financial success, your money will increase, it is also made to remove any kind of blockages that affect you or your home, a lot of times blockages are stacking up and we don’t even know it, this will balance that out. it’s made with herbs that removes anxiety as well as depression, it’s also made for healing and will remove any kind of negativity that is present. It aids in having a better all around vibe in your home.

I sprinkle this in every corner, across every window across every entrance or exit basically and this includes things like your fireplace it includes things like your garage door it includes any place where there is an exit to the outside even if it is something simple like a dryer vent. Ans make sure you put some under your entire front door mat that way anyone coming over will be able to track in their negative vibes. Put this in high traffic areas. It smells good and not strong, I have clients that are lawyers that sprinkle this weekly in their offices.

All orders are processed in the order that they come in, I cannot bump anyone’s order ahead of other clients as that is not fair. The ship by date is normally not that long I do try to get everything out before the ship by date. All orders come with $100 minimum package insurance as well as 2 to 3 day priority mail shipping with tracking

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