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Skull with herb area

Skull with herb area

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This candle is made for the working of your choice, with blends of herbs and oils infused into the wax but also has an area at the top of the candle where you can dress it with the herbs and oils that you would like to add on top of it. Colors may vary if you want a specific color plz leave that in notes section

Curio item. If you’d like candle services it will be $20 for me to do that for you sent to my cash app

This candle has been tested to burn aprox 16 hrs non stop.

Cleansing- cleansing away negativity and bringing in positivity

Destroyer - destroys hexes, curses, envy, evil entities and energy that has been sent your way

Protection- made to protect you from harm that others may send. Or that you may encounter

Ven a mi- to bring love to you, to bring a lover to you

Custom- tell me what you’d like it for and I can make it for that

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