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Destroyer home spray

Destroyer home spray

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This spray will destroy: curses, hatred, envy, evil, evil energies, evil entities, negative spell work, mal de ojo etc. it is perfect for rituals, preparing spaces for spellwork or rituals, after you’ve had someone in your home that had bad intentions and many more things. You can use it to cleanse things and candles etc. the list goes on. There’s so many uses.
This is made with liquids as well as oils and black obsidian crystals. Needs to be shaken prior to each use and in between resting periods during spraying. This can be sprayed on statues and other imagery. This spray basically ensures a safe environment and item. Can also be used on tarot cards just give them a light mist to remove unwanted energy. Even able to be sprayed on yourself.
This is a curio item.
Comes in a 2oz spray bottle with black obsidian crystal

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