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24k gold Santa Muerte bust candle pckg

24k gold Santa Muerte bust candle pckg

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This candle is hand crafted with herbs that are hand ground, oils that are handmade that are traditional to la Santa Muerte. Once crafted it is then layered in several coats of real 24k gold dust. Gold is an offering and well as a wonderful energy conductor. Gold was and still remains a very important metal to our people. This small package comes with the candle itself, 4ml of your choice of either Santa Muerte oil or consecration oil, you will specify which you’d like in the personalization section of order, if not it will come with the Santa Muerte oil standard, comes with a charcoal disk and copal as well as small bag of polvo that goes with the candles symbols the polvo is handmade in the molcajete. it’s for bonding with her, protection, luck, money, balance, and health. it can be used as a dressing you can put on the candle as well as any other candle or even on the coal as incense Curio item.

Candle burning fee $25 to cash app if you’d like me to burn it for you

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