A little about this botanica

Handmade products with over 35 years of knowledge and experience. I put the same attention and energy in every product as i do my own! I only recently have made what I do available to the public..

!!!!-My shop has a no refund policy on every item. Everything is custom to your energy and name,  handmade and made to order. Nothing is premade or waiting to be purchased. It is not made until your order is input-!!!!

#tarot #trabajos also available please msg for inquiries. Shipping times are not that long as it tells you I just give myself a little extra time just in case something breaks:)

i try to get all products out way before the ship by dates and i usually do, 99% of the time they're out same week, but bc these items are all handmade, custom made to order, sometimes things break etc but mostly bc its just me to make all this, its my energy that's required and I cant and wont short y'all of the power and energy by getting others to make this stuff for me just to save some time... bc of that the dates were made further out, never do orders take longer than the ship by date. i pride my self and shop off of honesty and integrity. and im very big on communication.

I take sundays off. I still end up working but I’m supposed to take sundays off.

*for legal purposes: items, products and services made available on this site, from This account, are curio items. I do NOT guarantee any results on any items on this page.